In an ongoing effort to provide quality wireless service, Verizon has identified your community as one that will benefit from improved network coverage.  Milestone Communications is proposing a wireless telecommunications facility at Chesapeake High School, addressed 4798 Mountain Road, Pasadena, MD 21122. The proposal is for a 135-foot monopole and will include ground equipment required to operate the facility.  This equipment will be located at the base of the structure in a secure fenced area. Verizon will be the first wireless carrier to locate on the proposed tower.

The exhibit below shows the proposed location of the monopole facility.  Relative to school buildings, it is located approximately 485 feet from Chesapeake High School 1,300 feet from Chesapeake Bay Middle School, and 1,980 feet from Bodkin Elementary School.

UPDATE[2]: The AACPS Board of Education resolved to defer its review of the project until the June 17th Board Meeting (7PM).  The agenda and information to be reviewed by the Board will be made available via the AACPS-affiliated Board Docs website.  Information on how to participate and submit public testimony is available on the AACPS Board website.

UPDATE[1]: A community meeting was held at 6:30 PM on February 13, 2020  at Our Lady of the Chesapeake, addressed 8325 Ventnor Road, Pasadena, MD 21122.  The summary of comments from the meeting is mailed to County-required persons; a copy of the comment summary can be viewed here: Chesapeake HS Community Meeting Summary.  A letter summarizing wireless technology and safety research can be viewed here:  RF Safety Letter.

The AACPS Board of Education will review the meeting summary and final application at its May 20th Board Meeting (7PM).  The agenda and information to be reviewed by the Board are available via the ACCPS-affiliated Board Docs website.


Aerial of Proposed Location
Aerial of Proposed Location

This website will serve as a community portal, keeping you informed about the project, while providing resources on wireless communications, public safety, and more.

Please continue to visit this site for updates.  For comments or questions, please contact Matt Penning, Project Manager for Milestone Communications, at matt@nullmilestonecorp.com or 703-865-4697.